Galloway Methodist church

A four year loving restoration brought this historic building back to life!

This $4.3 million project included the sanctuary, fellowship hall,  reception area, community center, and a temporary sanctuary for worship while construction was on-going. J.A. Moss removed all seating from the balcony and floor, refinished original wood seating and pews off site.

Plaster damage was meticulously matched and repaired, Gold leafed medallions and pilaster crowns were hand refurnished in place with scaffolding. Stained glass windows were removed and professionally re-leaded original glass with stabilizer bars, as needed.An interior handicap accessible ramp was seamlessly blended into the sanctuary’s architecture

The fellowship hall included new flooring, a stage, basketball hoops, a kitchen, and serving area. Two multi-purpose meeting rooms were renovated and enabled with multi-media equipment. 

Nearby, a building owned by the church was converted by J.A. Moss into a community center called THE FOUNDRY, where free lunches are served 5 days a week. 


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