Meadowbrook Church of christ: Education Building

A multi-purpose educational building for a growing congregation.

This 2 story brick and steel construction, includes administrative offices, classrooms, a preschool, and installation of school equipment.

"A fast-track construction method known as "Partnering" was utilized....J.A. Moss demonstrated a high degree of professionalism by effectively coordinating all the various packages of work and exhibiting a cooperative attitude at all times with the owner, architect, and subcontractors. Job cost was contained within the budgeted allowance and the building was delivered within a time frame that satisfied the church's need to occupy a new education building as soon as possible. The Meadowbrook Church of Christ is pleased to recommend J.A. Moss to anyone who is considering utilizing their construction services."

C.P. Seabrook, Jr., Facilities Committee Coordinator at Meadowbrook Church of Christ, Jackson, Mississippi

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